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Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panels 2440x128x15

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No matter you are a wholesaler, construction manager, interior designer, or anyone who is looking for acoustic panels for walls or ceilings, our wooden grooved acoustic panels could be your best choice.

Our wooden grooved acoustic panels consist of three layers: the substrate, the front surface and the back surface. The pictures below are several patterns of our wooden grooved acoustic panels. (For more pictures, please click here.)

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We use MDF as the substrate, which is laminated with melamine or natural wood veneer on the front surface, channeled/slotted with a series of grooves on the front surface, perforated with a series of round holes on the back surface and then a layer of black acoustic fleece is pasted on the back surface of the substrate.

The pattern of our wooden grooved acoustic panels is determined by the width of the slats and grooves. For example, pattern 13-3 means the width of the slats is 13mm and that of the grooves is 3mm.

Features & Specs:

1. Substrate

    * Material:MDF
    * Density:About 750kg/m3
    * Thickness: 12/15/18mm (can be customized upon request)

2. Acoustic fleece, also known as "black fleece", pasted on the back surface of acoustic panels, is also sound-absorbing and fireproofing. Three kinds of acoustic fleece is available:

    * Standard
    * Ahlstrom
    * Soundtex

3. Surface

    * Melamine( Click here for color card)
    * Real wood verneer( Click here for color card)


    * Dimensions:2440*128mm
    * Thickness:12/15/18mm
    * Pattern:13-3,14-2,28-4,59-5
    * Fireproof:Class B1
    * Eco-friendly:Class E1

Our wooden grooved acoustic panels have excellent sound absorbing performance, especially on low and middle-frequency sound.

As tested and verified by China National Fireproof Materials Testing Center and some other professional institutions, our wooden pattern acoustic panels have reached national standards of fire prevention class B1, European standards of formaldehyde emission level E1 and national standards of reverberation time. They can make the sound more clearer, sonorous and stereo, which conforms to the trend of "return to nature" in modern decorating industry, providing a good choice for people that are looking for high quality acoustic materials.

So far, our wooden grooved acoustic panels have been sold nationwide and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, etc.

They are widely used in the following four kinds of places as walls and ceilings:

    * Places that require high quality sound effect, such as studios, recording rooms, listening rooms, rehearsal rooms and so on;
    * Places of public entertainment, such as theaters, cinemas, indoor stadiums, dancing halls, KTV rooms, etc.
    * Places where keeping secret or quiet is needed, such as meeting rooms, offices, halls, hotels, etc.
    * Places that need noise control, such as airports, railways, public stations, factories, workshops, etc.


Our wooden grooved acoustic panels are usually installed on keels(battens). The keels can be light steel keels or wooden keels. The standard dimensions of our main light steel kneels is 18*26*3000mm and that for clips is 45*38mm. Keels that produce by other companies may also be allowed for installing.

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PPS If our standard dimensions do not fit in your needs, please note that we are the manufactuer and dimensions can be customized.

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