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Wooden Pattern Acoustic Panels 1200x600x15

It May Take an Entire Month for Our Acoustic Panels to Arrive, yet Hundreds of People Buy It, Why?

Our wooden pattern acoustic panels are upated versions of our standard wooden grooved acoustic panels or wooden perforated acoustic panels. The basic structure are the same. The only difference is the design, or the perforation style.

Right now, we have many patterns of perforation, such as U pattern, M pattern, cross pattern, animals pattern and so on. Here below are some of the pictures.( For more pictures, please click here.)

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We use high quality MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard) with a thickness of 12/15/18mm as the substrate of our wooden pattern acoustic panels, which is processed based on acoustical principles, laminated with melamine or natural wood veneer on the front surface, and fireproofing black fleece on the back surface.

Features &  Specs:

1. Substrate

  • Material:MDF
  • Density:750kg/m3
  • Thickness: 12/15/18mm (can be customized upon request)

2. Acoustic fleece, also known as "black fleece", pasted on the back surface of acoustic panels, is also sound-absorbing and fireproofing. Three kinds of acoustic fleece is available:

  • Standard
  • Ahlstrom
  • Soundtex

3. Surface

4. Specifications

  • Dimensions:600*600,600*1200,1200*1200,1200*2400mm
  • Thickness:12/15/18mm
  • Pattern:16/16/6,16/16/8,32/32/6,32/32/8,etc.
  • Fireproof:Class B1
  • Eco-friendly:Class E1

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*We are the Factory.

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*CE Certificate: EN13986:2004 Class E0,E1

*China NFTC: GB8624-2006 Class A1,A2,B1

*ISO 9001: 2008


*2008 China Building Materials Enterprises Top 100 Evaluation Campaign Recommended "Leading Brand

*2009 China Building Materials "Most Trusted Brand"

*2010 Shanghai World Expo Business Card "Recommended Enterprise"

*Council Member of Guangdong Decoration Materials Association